Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Exhaust Hood Cleaning



Commercial Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Buffalo & Niagara Falls, NY

Cleaning your exhaust hood system is the first defense against fire hazards. As required by NFPA 96 regulations, a proper cleaning starts at the roof and extends all the way down to your drip cups.

Commercial exhaust hood cleaning can not only reduce your risk of a fire, but it can also remove odors, reduce wear and tear, improve ventilation, and extend the lifespan of your filters.

At Dynamic Cleaning Systems, we take commercial kitchen hood cleaning to a whole new level! We have over 30 years of experience in restaurant cleaning services for the Niagara Falls and Buffalo, NY areas. Our professionals place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, ensuring the job is done right each and every time.

When we arrive at your operation, you can expect us to be on time and to be dressed professionally. We’ll do the cleaning thoroughly and efficiently, and we will completely clean up after we are done. Yes, this includes mopping up the floor and wiping down the equipment countertops! When we leave, everything will be ready for your staff to go back to work.

Learn more about our commercial exhaust hood cleaning below. If you have questions or would like to schedule your restaurant cleaning service, get in touch with us today!


Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Complete Exhaust Hood Cleaning

When you hire us for your commercial exhaust hood cleaning, we will:

  • Clean and degrease kitchen hood(s) including the filter tracts, plenum area, grease troughs, and all grease cups.
  • Flip roof mount fan or wall mount fan from ductwork and degrease the base, shroud, and fan blades and check your belts.
  • Clean all accessible parts of the ductwork, from the exhaust fan to the hoods, including any access panels.
  • Clean and degrease all filters in a soak tank or replace with recyclable filters.
  • Apply food-grade polish to all exposed areas of the hood, inside and out.
  • Clean up and mop in all areas in which the work was performed.
  • Leave a complete written report on site with any deficiencies or recommendations noted.
  • Affix to each hood cleaned a certificate showing the date we completed the work and when the next scheduled cleaning will be.

All work will be performed as per the applicable NPFA standards, manufacturers’ specifications, and the Fire Code of NYS.

We also offer a filter exchange program!

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