Filter Exchange

Filter Exchange


Filter Services that Really Pay!

Did you know that most restaurant fires in the United States are caused by grease?

It’s up to you as a restaurant owner to protect your restaurant from this risk. Our Grease Filter Exchange Program can help!

This system is designed to reduce hazardous grease buildup on your fan, hood, and duct system. Learn more about the many benefits of the system below.


Grease Filter - Filter Exchange


Cost Savings
As much as $34 million annually is lost due to property damage in restaurant fires. Don’t let your property become a statistic!

However, even if you don’t think a fire will happen to you, consider the savings in purchasing new filters, labor, time, and cleaning chemicals. We can save you a bundle with our better grease filter cleaning service, reducing hazardous grease and helping your restaurant stay cleaner and healthier.

Reduce Cleaning Labor
Let your employees focus on customer service, not removing filters over a hot grill. Our technicians will take care of everything and do it right the first time. You won’t have to worry about half-cleaned filters or greasy odors.

Improved Ventilation
Make your kitchen more comfortable! Our exclusive filter design diverts more grease, letting your air flow at maximum efficiency. Not only does this reduce odors, but it also improves the efficiency of your HVAC equipment. Plus, our filters are designed to function in an incredibly broad range of airflow and cooking conditions.

Trap More Grease
UL listed and in full compliance with National Fire Protection Association Code 96, these baffle-typed stamped aluminum filters are aerodynamically designed to trap more grease. They are manufactured exclusively for Dynamic Cleaning Systems

New Filter with Every Service
That’s right: every time we come, you get a new filter! We are the only regional supplier to offer a new filter with every service. Plus, we recycle the old filters.